How does IES ensure integrity in grading, so that the student's grade matches their understanding of the subject?

IES closely monitors students' performance on the national tests, both as a key part of our quality work and to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills they need for the future. Any variance in grading from national test results - as well as deviations from the IES average and the municipal and national average respectively - are examined to ensure that the teachers grade correctly. Grades are analysed at local level and at principal level as part of our systematic quality work.
In the case of subjects where there are no national exams, such as technology, crafts, art, music and home economics, each school submits its preliminary grades one month before grading. The purpose is to find out how the grades are distributed and to identify any deviations. If deviations are found, the school concerned is contacted for to explain, analyse and provide its motivation.