Internationella Engelska Skolan Jönköping is an F-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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We offer fritids for all students in grades F-6 at both the start and end of the school day

Opening times: 6am-6pm

Contact details: 
Starlight: (yr 0) 0723 74 69 45
Rainbow: (yr 1) 0739 62 08 88
Sunshine: (yr 2) 0739 62 08 89
Moondust: (yr 3) 0739 62 08 90
Skyfall 1: (yr 4) 0736 25 72 22
Skyfall 2: (yr 5-6) 0736 25 72 82

Fritids Coordinators:
Charlotta Partanen
+46 73-625 72 18

Our fritids is a bilingual, pedagogical centre which works closely with all of the other departments at the school. 

Fritids is a safe and fun place for our students to spend time before and/or after school. Staff arrange activities and field trips and students can play, enjoy games, and have plenty of opportunities to make new friends in other classes.  The programme is fun, stimulating and created to encourage and promote children’s curiosity and willingness to learn.