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News | 19 August 2022

House System at IES Johanneberg

Here at IES Johanneberg, we use the House system.


House raises group loyalty and spirit and is an important part of the culture of our school. 

Students are split into 6 houses. Houses organised as: 7A, 8A and 9A = House Assar. One House Captain per class is selected. They promote and take part in planning events together with the Student council and with our school’s Head of Cultural Development (HCD.) Each Mentor also ‘belongs’ to a house. These are the Houses:

Assar:  All A-classes 
Beda:  All B-classes
Campbell: All C-Classes
Dickson: All D-Classes
Ester: All E-Classes
Frigga: All F-Classes

Each House has its shield at the entrance of each corridor. For example, House Assar has the A-corridor. All House members have a certain responsibility to keep their corridor nice and tidy. This will be evaluated together with the cleaning staff, the Assistant Principals, and the Principal each month. The house that has kept the corridor in best shape that specific month receives a Gold medallion that is displayed in the Display boards in each corridor. The classes with the next cleanest corridors will be given either the Bronze or Silver medallions. Each academic year all Houses start with 0 medallions. 

Houses also compete during the term to gather Holographic medallions. These are won through special events such as House Competitions, sports days, student choice weeks, etc. Some examples of House competitions that we aim to have throughout the academic year are: Art/Design challenges, quizzes, chess, athletics, music and poetry amongst others. Class captains will play a role in helping our Head of Cultural Development, Ms. Richards, coordinate House events. The winning house for each event gains a medallion. Each medallion corresponds to a fixed number of points. No competition has more weight than another.

Special medallions can also be rewarded in an instance of exceptionally good behaviour (such as one would grant a positive Behaviour Notice for.) All Special medallions are 5 points and cannot be granted by a mentor of the same house (a Beda teacher cannot give a Beda student a Special medallion, but they can certainly still give them a positive BN.) 

The HCD and the principals keep track of the scores. Overall score is visible on TV-screens in the school and in Display boards in the corridors. The house with the most points from medallions by May 25th 2022 receives an amount of 20.000kr to be used in June for fun events for all students in the winning house (only the winning house receives a prize).Upcoming events will be planned and shared to you via the Class Captains+ HCD and the APs as the academic year gets started. Remember that the competition on the most clean and tidy corridor for August starts on August 19th.  

T-shirts and badges with House logos will also be on sale from October. More information will follow. 

Best regards,

Your Principal, Mr. Carl Waddington