Internationella Engelska Skolan Huddinge is a 6-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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News | 22 August 2022

The Studio


The 2022/23 school year brings with it a lot of new things. New students at the school, who bring their own individuality and personality to our community. New staff, who bring their expertise to share knowledge with others, and also new to this year, The Studio. 

The Studio is a new renovation here at school, one we have been planning for a while. It is a standalone classroom situated away from the rest of the school environment. This allows students to have a home in school where they feel secure and comfortable. Due to the familiar surroundings, students often settle in the space far easier than they do in the main school and therefore are able to find it easier to learn. The Studio is a space where they can flourish and be supported to work in the best way possible. On some days, it needs to be a quiet and empathetic space where children can calmly interact without becoming overstimulated, while other days it needs to be a primary learning base for any pupil with educational needs.

We want to support our students' individual needs. Our special education team works together with students and teachers to ensure that every student is challenged and supported. In the studio we work with students 1-1, we facilitate small group teaching, and also still support students within their normal lessons.

If you have any questions about additional support for your child, contact your child’s mentor and they will forward that information to our Special Education Department.