Internationella Engelska Skolan Helsingborg is a year 4 to 9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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Our school library

Our library is a welcoming and quiet space where students can come to read, study, or do their homework


Location: 3rd floor

Opening Times: 08:00 - 16:30

Contact: 070-876 98 21

The IES Helsingborg school library can be found on the third floor in the main staircase. When you enter the library you will be greeted by a large open room with lots of literature in both Swedish and English. In this room we have several group study seats.

Adjourning to this room is one more, holding all non fiction books, our mother tongue section and study computers. In the afternoons (except Wednesdays) you can also borrow a laptop and sit here to do your homework.

Our experienced school librarian works here full time to help all students with reading suggestions, finding information to help you with school projects and teaching classes about source analysis. There are also fun contests happening throughout the year. Like "IES Murder Mystery tale", "Harry Potter quiz" and "Which teacher is behind that book?".