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News | 16 April 2024

The River Run Challenge

IES Gävle Senior School is situated near the beautiful Gavle River as it meets the Baltic Sea.

We've long heard our PE teachers and students talk about 'the River Run' with a mix of excitement and dread.


So, what could be better than a proper challenge where teachers and students compete to see who's the fastest around the river?

One lap measures approximately 1300 meters and is dead flat. Anyone familiar with running knows that the 1500 meters is a nightmare distance; the strategy usually goes, run as hard as you can for as long as you can and then sprint the last stretch.

In the midst of the freezing winter, Mr. Hall made his first attempt at the distance and was promptly defeated by an equally bonkered student.

Now that spring has arrived, even in Gävle, our students have outdoor PE classes, making it the perfect opportunity to test their running skills, hence, challenge accepted!

We're not here to be lagom!