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News | 30 September 2022

IES Gävle Senior arranges fundraising

Friday, the 30th of September 2022 will be remembered as the day when our principal challenged the students, lost, and got his hair shaved off... by the student who won!


Mr. Hall gets his hair shaved off

The annual Bulldog challenge got a slight twist this year. Our dear principal, Mr. Hall, challenged the students in a classic 10K running race. 

For each student that entered the challenge, the school donated to the timeforghana foundation, which works for children's rights to go to school in Ghana.

The race scene, the 2,5K track at Hemlingby, proved to be a challenging course with lots of rolling small hills.

Mr. Hall kept a good pace, but, a few others had clearly decided to keep an even faster stride.

The fastest of them all was Peter Widéen Flamborg from 9C. He finished the 10K run in 00:41:25.

The winning girls were Greta Domeij and Ida Tåqvist from 7A, who made the 10K distance in precisely under 1 hour, crossing the finish line as one.

In total the happening was a complete success, good weather, nice exercise, and all for a good cause! Truly a win-win situation!