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News | 22 January 2022

Rest in peace, Emerich Roth

Holocaust survivor Emerich Roth has passed away.
We have had the privilege of having him visit our school numerous times.


Emerich Roth

Emerich Roth survived five concentration camps during the Holocaust, but both his parents and three sisters were killed or perished in different camps. Despite his horrific experiences, Emerich was an amazingly inspirational and humble person, who spoke of love and redemption, and spent decades working against racism and hatred. We are incredibly grateful that, even into his mid-90's, he came and spoke to our Year 9 students as part of their World War II studies, and also to parents in evening lectures. No one who has heard him speak of his experiences will ever forget it.

Listen to Ms. Holmkvist speak more about all our meetings with Emerich Roth.