Internationella Engelska Skolan i Enskede, the founding school, is an 4-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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Our Story

We are the founder IES School. IES Enskede, located at Lingvägen 123 in Gubbängen, is the first IES school and was started in 1998 by Barbara Bergström.


The school building is 10 000 square meters and has an intake of 920 students from year 4 to year 9.

We teach using the Swedish national curriculum and up to half the education in our school is delivered through the English language by qualified teachers from English-speaking countries including Canada, the USA, and the UK.

The first IES junior school was started at IES Enskede in 2008. Our Junior School consists of year 4 and year 5 students while our Middle School is made up of year 6 to year 9 students. We have approximately 85 staff including teachers, administration and pastoral care. Our lunches are supplied by Kleins Restaurants, who cook all the meals in our school kitchen.

We have easy access to communications and are close to the recreational area Gubbängsfältet.