Comment on the government's proposal on profits in independent schools 2022.07.04

Comment on the government's proposal on profits in independent schools 2022.07.04

It is sad that the question of the operating model has come to completely overshadow the discussion about the real challenges in the school system. At Internationella Engelska Skolan, we want to see a constructive debate about how we together can develop the educational system, and regardless of operating model offer a variety of profiles and specialisations. The government's focus on mode of operation lacks all proportions.

The independent schools' surplus is on average three percent of sales. Most of this money is reinvested in the operations. As independent schools make up 15 percent of the Swedish school sector, the surplus will be half a percent of the Swedish school budget. Of this half percent, ownership dividends constitute only a fraction. The fact that there are different ideological views is of course as it should be in a democracy, but blaming the problems in Swedish education on this half percent of the school budget is not reasonable.

Internationella Engelska Skolan continues to develop our schools to offer an education with an international profile and high quality, and we are opening new schools to receive the many students that are in our queues. There is a lot that is good in the Swedish school, but also a lot that can be improved. We want to see a serious discussion about how the grading system can be developed to ensure correct and fair grading, how the curriculum can be improved with increased knowledge focus, how we can meet the shortage of teachers in Sweden and counteract bullying and mental illness among students, and ensure that all schools hold high quality, regardless of operating model. Because our children and youth are entitled to that.

Anna Sörelius Nordenborg,
CEO Internationella Engelska Skolan