Digital Tour

Are you curious what life is like at IES?  Take some time to visit our digital tour to get insight of what we, our students and their parents consider to be important in creating a good school.


An introduction to IES

What makes IES a good school? Get to know us through our principals, teachers, parents and students.



What we stand for – our ethos

Meet three IES experts who explain how we create a safe and orderly school environment, why it is important for people to learn English and what high academic expectations mean in reality.




Welcome to primary school at IES Skellefteå

Visit our primary school in Skellefteå and learn how we work in the younger years to create a good learning environment.





Welcome to senior school at IES Eskilstuna

Procedures, good order and high academic expectations of everyone in an international environment. We equip all our students, regardless of background, with what they need to achieve their full potential.





Welcome to IES Södertälje year 4

Take a look at how we create a calm and orderly environment to make sure that our students and teachers can do their best.