Students’ favourite teachers head to awards ceremony

Students’ favourite teachers head to awards ceremony

Four teachers from Internationella Engelska Skolan will be among those honoured at an awards ceremony for the best educators throughout Sweden - as chosen by their students.
Lärargalan is an initiative which gives students the power to put forward the most exceptional teachers; those who make their school days special, and help subjects come to life.
Among those nominated by IES students are Ms Annie Nordenson of IES Hässelby, Ms Carina Holmgren of IES Eskilstuna (pictured above, right), Ms Malin Riise of IES Borås (pictured above, left) and Mr Resul Erdogan of IES Älvsjö.
They have all been invited to attend the event, where nominees will discover the winners of this year’s prizes.
Student comments in the nominations included:

  • Mr Erdogan - "He is a teacher who makes school fun.  His lessons are full of learning and you always get help if you don’t understand."  
  • Ms Riise - "She has made the Swedish language interesting and fun and we students constantly look forward to the hours we spend in her lessons.  She deserves a prize."
  • Ms Holmgren - "She is a positive and committed teacher who sees the needs and strength of each student."
  • Ms Nordenson - "She makes everything more enjoyable and motivates students to work harder."

This year’s Lärargalan awards ceremony will be held on the 12th of November at Berns, Stockholm.

IES congratulates all the teachers nominated, wherever they teach, for the contribution they are making to education in Sweden.

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