Queues now open for students born in 2020

Queues now open for students born in 2020

As parents you have the right to make an active choice about where your child will go to school, whether you choose a municipal school or a free school. Internationella Engelska Skolan uses a queue based system, where the child who is first in line is offered the first place, whatever their background, address or abilities. Priority is given to students who already have a sibling in the school.

In our schools children can be placed in the queue from the first of February in the calendar year after they are born.  That means that from today (February1, 2021) families can place children who were born during 2020 in the queue for the school or schools that they would like their child to attend.

Every IES school has its own queue and they can all be found here: https://engelska.se/our-schools/join-queue

For more information please contact the school that you are interested in or visit www.engelska.se. You can also contact us by email at info@engelska.se.