Hundreds of new staff welcomed ahead of autumn term

Hundreds of new staff welcomed ahead of autumn term

More than 650 freshly-appointed IES educators from 37 schools gathered for an inspirational conference at Karolinska Institutet’s Aula Medica.

This year IES is opening a new school in Skellefteå, while several existing schools are also growing. To meet the demand for places at IES schools, hundreds of new staff have been interviewed and chosen in Sweden and internationally, mostly from English-speaking countries.

All New Staff Day is about welcoming our new staff, sharing our ethos with them and exploring what sets Internationella Engelska Skolan apart when it comes to education in Sweden.   

New staff have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of what we stand for, and how we make our ethos a reality every day in our schools.

During her presentation, Cecilia Marlow, interim CEO of IES (pictured, right) said: "If I was a number of decades younger I would have chosen a different path, I would have become a teacher, that is how inspiring it is to work in this fantastic company, with all these schools and all these amazing school leaders. I feel very confident in saying that you have made an excellent choice.

“We are value-based, our culture and our ethos is constantly present. We also have a strong and visible leadership, so you and your students will see your principal a lot. We see our students and we care, we offer support if needed and we also challenge the most able students. We have more structure and discipline than other schools and we also have more love and kindness.  The two things go hand in hand.”

Educators at the event heard about our attitude towards collaboration and team working, how we work to be inclusive and how we best understand the needs of our students. Different cultural expectations were also discussed, as Swedish teaching and non-teaching staff rubbed shoulders with their new colleagues from other countries.

New and returning staff are now preparing for the start of term, when 26 000 students will step through the doors, ready to learn.

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