School Profile

IES Eskilstuna: Sweden's largest 1-9 school

Internationella Engelska Skolan in Eskilstuna started our first school year the autumn of 2006 and had approximately 380 students in classes 6-9 during the first year. The school flourished and rapidly grew in both number of students and classes. In 2010 another suitable school building was found and we could welcome students from grade 4. Another three years later we were complete when we finally also opened Primary, grades 1-3.

Today housing approximately 1330 students, grades 1-5 at PR/JR school and 6-9 at SR school, we are the largest elementary school in Sweden, today with a staff of 130.

The school has been a true story of success from its humble beginning in 2006 to becoming one of the organisation’s flagship schools. We won the “Barbara Bergström Award”, which is given to the best school in the company, three times. This was largely due to the high academic results achieved by the school, combined with an overwhelmingly positive response from students, staff and parent questionnaires. We are one of the highest placing schools within the organisation and within Sweden we place as one of the best schools due to students' results.

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