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Internationella Engelska Skolan Länna opened on August 20, 2018.
We teach years 2 through 9.

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News | 25 June 2024

Summer holidays are important for all of us!

Summer holidays are important for all of us! Please use the schedule below for your communication with us over the summer. The rest of the team will be off enjoying well-deserved holidays!


June 24 to June 28: Mr. Ljung on-site (

July 1 to July 5: Mr. Aybar on-site (

July 8 to July 16: Mr. Erenrot on-call, off-site (

July 17 to July 19: Mrs. Kelly on-call, off-site (

July 22 to July 23: Mr. Ljung on-call, off-site(

July 24 to July 26: Mr. Aybar on-call, off-site (

July 29 to August 2: Mrs. Kelly on-site (