Board of Directors

The Company's board of directors consists of seven  members elected by the annual general meeting, including the chairman of the board, all of whom are elected for the period up until the end of the annual general meeting 2021. The unions have appointed two representatives and two deputy representatives.

Carola Lemne
Born 1958. Chairman of the Board and Board member since 2019.

Education: Medical doctor, Ph D. and Associate professor at Karolinska Institutet.

Current directorships: Chairman of Ung företagsamhet (Junior Achievement Sweden) and ArtClinic. Board member of Arjo AB and IRLAB Therapeutics AB.

Selected previous positions: CEO of Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Praktikertjänst and Danderyds sjukhus. Leading positions within Pharmacia. Member of the Board of Investor, Getinge, Meda, Apoteket and the Swedish Strategic Research Foundation, and Chairman of the Board of Uppsala Universitet.

Board Member
Anna Alsborger

Born 1977. Board member since 2021.

Education: Master of Science degree in Cadastral Surveying/Real Estate Economics from the Royal Institute of Technology

Current directorships: Chairman of Pure Capital AB

Selected previous positions: Property director at Akademiska Hus (current position), Founder/investor in Pure Capital AB, Head of Transactions at Hemfosa Fastigheter AB and Hemsö Fastighets AB.

Board Member
Gunilla Carlsson

Born 1963. Board member since 2021 (board member also 2017-2019).

Education: Graduate of S:t Lars School, Linköping accounting/auditing program.

Current directorships: Board member in AVPA (African Venture Philanthropy Alliance), deputy chairman of the strategic committee for The Global fund.

Selected previous positions:Member of the Swedish Parliament and European Parliament. Government minister for international Development Cooperation. Deputy chairman of the Moderate Party. Deputy chairman of vaccine alliance Gavi. Director of IFS, NGS, Tundra Fonder and Boxholms Skogar AB. 

Board Member
Robert Clark

Born 1954. Board member since 2019.

Education: Teacher credentials from Nottingham University.

Current directorships: -.

Selected previous positions: Principal at the founder IES school, IES Enskede, from 2006 to 2019. Represented Swedish Independent Schools at SKL and Friskolornas Riksförbund Expert Group for School Development. Teacher and member of the Board at the Stockholm International School. 

Employee Representative (deputy)
Johan Fridlund

Employee representative deputy, the National Union of Teachers in Sweden (LR), since 2021.
Born in 1994.

Education: Qualified teacher of history, religion, geography, Swedish and home economics, Dalarna, Kristianstad and Jönköping University.

Current directorships:

Selected previous positions: Teacher within municipal schools before IES Östersund. Working at IES Östersund since 2020. Lokal LR representative in IES Östersund since 2020. Board of union for teacher students (LR Stud) 2019-2020.

Employee Representative
Jessica Fryksten

Employee representative, the National Union of Teachers in Sweden (LR), since 2017.
Born in 1983.

Education: Qualified teacher of history and religious studies, Karlstad University. Practical executive English course, English language Centre, Brighton. Diploma for employee representatives, PTK (the Swedish council for negotiation and cooperation). Sustainability for Board members, PTK (the Swedish council for negotiation and cooperation).

Current directorships: –

Selected previous positions: Teacher since 2008 within municipal and independent schools. Working at IES Gävle since 2011. Chairman of the National Swedish Federation of Teacher's dedicated association within IES since 2016.

Board Member
Brian Hatch
Board member since 2018.
Born 1981.

Education: Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School, New York, and BA from Trinity College, Dublin.

Current directorships: -

Selected previous positions: Head of Research at Paradigm Capital AG (current position), Vice President at JP Morgan Chase in New York, Citigroup in London and New York.

Board Member
Shaun Heelan
Board member since 2020.
Born 1978.

Education: BA in Economics and Business and a in High Performance Computing from The University of Dublin (Trinity College).

Current directorships: Board member in Jetpack Group AB.

Selected previous positions: Partner at Paradigm Capital AG (current position), BlueCrest Capital Management, DW Partners och Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Employee representative
Catharina Hetzer
Employee representative, the National Union of Teachers in Sweden (LR), since 2021. Born in 1981.

Education: Qualified teacher of English and German
Bachelor’s degree in media and communication sciences. 

Current directorships: -

Selected previous positions: Has worked as a teacher in municipal schools and IES.  Has also taught at a private international school in Germany.

Employee Representative (deputy)
Albert Lauschus
Employee Representative (deputy), The National Union of Teachers in Sweden, since 2017. Born in 1970.

Education: Qualified teacher of German, English, mathematics and handicrafts. Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Slippery Rock University, University of Gävle, University of Gothenburg. Diploma for employee representatives, sustainability for Board members and cash-flow statements PTK (the Swedish council for negotiation and cooperation).

Current directorships:

Selected previous positions: Compulsory School Teacher at IES Gävle since 2003. Safety Representative at IES Gävle and Head Safety Representative IES Region South (current positions). Local Representative of LR at IES Gävle 2005–2014, LR chairman/Union Representative at Internationella Engelska Skolan AB 2013–2016.