We pay competitive salaries in line with the local labour market for teachers

The statistics published by Skolvärlden on August 15, 2019, fail to take into account several important factors:

  1. The figure for IES only includes base salary for those receiving the Förstelärare funding. If the figures had included the supplement known as Lärarelönelyftet, as well as other supplements we pay for responsibilities a teacher may have, the average salary for IES teachers who receive the Förstelärare supplement is SEK 41,700 per month.
  2. IES has teachers who are on average younger than the average for teachers in the country. In the statistics published by Skolvärlden it can be seen that the average age of teacher receiving the Förstelärare supplement is over 45 years. About 75% of IES teachers receiving this supplement are under 45 years of age. For teachers in the age group over 45 who are receiving the supplement, salary increases by an additional SEK 2,000 per month.
  3. We only pay the Förstelärare supplement to teachers who spend a great deal of time interacting directly with students, rather than the principals or assistant principals who may be teaching for a few hours. This means that we do not give this extra funding to the best paid among our employees, which also affects the average.  Other schools may allocate the funding in other ways.
  4. As shown in the statistics, there are differences in wages across the country depending on the local labour market. This is also the case for IES, we adjust wages to the local labour market. IES has 37 schools from Skellefteå in the north to Lund in the south, but reports its statistics as a single entity.

Our remuneration policy is clear - we provide attractive remuneration that is in line with the labour market for teachers. The remuneration for IES staff is competitive and we ensure that it stays that way, which means we can recruit and retain qualified, engaged and professional teachers to teach our students.

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