We Are A School For Everyone

We Are A School For Everyone

Internationella Engelska Skolan believes children from any background can achieve success with a high-quality education.

We operate 36 schools in a wide range of demographic areas and are passionate about helping all students meet their full potential.  Talented students have the right to an education which stimulates and challenges them, while students who need support should receive it.

IES partners municipalities throughout Sweden. Our aim is to provide a compliment to municipal schools in a way which promotes integration and fits the long-term needs of each area.

To secure a place in our schools parents apply via our queue system.  The queue is open to all and provides a fair system where the children who have been in the queue longest are offered a place first. Everyone has an equal chance, not just those who live closest or find school easiest.

We also open schools in areas with a high proportion of non-swedish parents, or those with a lower educational level, and 38 per cent of our students come from a non-Swedish background, while the national average is 25.

In many areas where we run schools we can see that while the location of the school can make a difference to the student composition, a more important factor is the clarity and accessibility of information about free school choice. In some municipalities, information must be made more available, easier to understand and offered in more languages so that more parents can actively make a decision about the future of their children. Every parent should be made to choose a school for their child.

Our schools are having a positive transformational effect in many areas, for example, Kista, Gubbängen and Skärholmen in Stockholm, Fröslunda in Eskilstuna, and Söder in Helsingborg.  Even so 97 per cent of our students qualify for gymnasiet.

We do not choose which students will attend our schools and can show that we help our students achieve better results, including for students with parents whose highest level of education is gymnasiet, or lower. At our schools 94 per cent of such students qualify to attend gymnasiet, compared to a national average of 78 per cent. This is clear proof that quality teaching, rather than background, is the key to academic success.

Everyone involved in education should work to ensure a better quality of education in Sweden.  There is the need for 1,000 extra schools in the coming years and everyone needs to play their part, for the sake of our children.

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