Vi i Femman won by two IES Sundsvall Students

Fifth-graders at Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall are celebrating after two of their classmates won the televised final of the popular and long-running Vi i Femman contest.
The national quiz, which started in 1970, has given nearly fifty-years worth of fifth graders around the country the chance to compete against one another to find out who has the best general knowledge.
After recording the highest score total in a regional final, hopes were high for fifth-graders Eilif Kamel Hargaut and Alva Eliasson of class 5C at IES Sundsvall (pictured above) and they more than lived up to their reputation when they won the contest during the televised national final, on Barnkanalen, during the evening of Thursday, 29 March.
Alva (right) gave advice to any fourth-graders hoping to take part in the contest next year: “Be calm because if you are stressed you might not give the right answer. It is much easier to find the right answer if you are calm.
“I was a bit nervous, but it was fun. It is a big deal. I hoped it would go well, and thought that it would, but I was surprised to be in the final. My family are very happy and proud.”
Eilif (left) put the success down to teamwork between him and his partner.
He said: “There were some things that I know better and some that Alva is best at. She is really good at maths and that was important because she can do things that I find harder."
“It is good to take part in this sort of competition because you become smarter. You have to make sure you are ready for what might come up as a question. If you can’t answer though you should just guess, because maybe you will get it right, but if you don’t guess you will be totally wrong.
"I am proud of myself because there aren’t many people who get to take part, and even fewer who go so far.”
Around 70,000 students from 4,000 classes at 2,500 schools in Sweden took part in this year's contest before Alva and Eilif earned the top prize.
Mr Pascal Brisson, Principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall, said: “Competitions like this can be another wonderful tool which inspires students to focus on academics.  As such they fit so well with the IES ethos.  I am very proud of Alva and Eilif and all that they achieved in this competition.  Congratulations to you both, I look forward to seeing more great things from you in the future."
Eilif and Alva were accompanied during the filming by their mentor teacher Ms Maria Elf, she said: “I am so proud of them, I thought they had the capacity to win, the whole experience was so fun. That they actually won was such an amazing thing for me to be a part of, it is such an old competition. When I was a child I took part, but we never got that far.”

Next year a new group of fifth-grade students will have the chance to take part in the contest and everyone at Internationella Engelska Skolan will be helping for another strong performance from our students up and down the country.

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