National Tests see IES students shine

National Tests see IES students shine

Grade nine national test results for 2019 have seen students from IES achieve strong results.

Figures for 2019 have now been released by the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket). They show that a greater proportion of Internationella Engelska Skolan students have again managed to achieve top grades (A-C) for every subject tested, when compared to the average for Sweden, the average for municipal schools, and the average for free schools.

Damian Brunker, head of quality and academics for Internationella Engelska Skolan said: “The national tests are the most credible measure of knowledge which exists in the Swedish educational system.”

“This is the outcome of years of hard work by more than 3,600 grade nine students, and their teachers, at IES schools throughout Sweden. These results represent hours of study and individual effort, which has helped student after student to  do better than they perhaps thought possible.”

The pattern of a greater proportion of IES students earning a better grade held for all subjects for which there are national tests, including all science and social science subjects.

In grade six, where only maths, Swedish and English are tested, a higher proportion of IES students also achieved the top grades, although the difference was less pronounced.

Mr Brunker added: “IES students come from a range of backgrounds, which usually represent the area the school is in. We do not choose our students, they choose us, and we have schools in both traditional middle-class areas but also in tougher areas. 

"The results clearly show the positive effects of excellent teaching, setting high academic expectations, and a safe and orderly school environment where teachers can focus their energies on teaching, and students are able to concentrate without distractions.

“This is what IES offers its students, and the results show that it is this quality of teaching and learning that can help any student to achieve success, irrespective of their background.”

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