Independent review carried out by Friskolornas Riksförbund

The association of Swedish Free Schools, Friskolornas Riksförbund, has commissioned auditors Deloitte to carry out an independent review of 20 municipalities, in order to determine the extent to which funding principles are applied consistently.

The review has revealed differences in the way municipalities interpret the rules under which they must operate, leading to different models for resource allocation and for decisions about the school voucher level.

Municipalities also lack processes to follow up when there is a funding deficit and do not set accounting or auditing requirements when it comes to municipal school activities.

The result is that that free schools are not treated according to the principle of equality in welfare, and there is a high risk that free schools do not receive the same level of funding as municipal schools. The report is available on the Friskolornas Riksförbund website,


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