Education medal pays tribute to IES founder’s vision

Education medal pays tribute to IES founder’s vision

The Fostrargärningsmedalj has been given to Barbara Bergström (picture credit: left Martin Källqvist, right Pontus Lundahl)

Barbara Bergström, founder of IES, has been honoured with a gold medal as "A teacher, school-leader and entrepreneur whose strong vision has contributed to the renewal of schools in Sweden".

That  is how Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapet described Mrs Bergström as they presented her with the prestigious Fostrargärningsmedalj (Swedish Royal Patriotic Society Medal for Education and Formation).

Presentation of the medal has been more than a year in the planning and delayed because of Covid.

The society praised Mrs Bergström for promoting "the norms and working practices which the majority agree on, but which for many reasons have been hard to implement in practice in the Swedish school system - a calm and orderly environment, civilised behaviour, diligence, politeness, respect for others, respect for knowledge and respect for your predecessors."

Mrs Bergström said: "I feel very honoured.  Schools which do not foster the norms and habits which are part of adult life betray children.  It is also meaningful to Sweden that we have recruited more than 1000 highly qualified teachers from English-speaking countries, largely to teach the science subjects, where Sweden has a need for more good teachers."

The medal is almost 200 years old and was first presented in 1830, when it took the form of a silver cross, rather than the gold medal it is today.
For more information about the award, please visit The Swedish Royal Patriotic Society website: