Congratulations to all IES graduates for your years of academic achievement

Congratulations to all IES graduates for your years of academic achievement

More than 4,000 IES students across Sweden graduated after completing year nine, ready to move on to their next challenge.

IES schools throughout Sweden took the chance to celebrate everything that their year nine students have achieved  throughout their years of education.

Every student is different but during their time at school they have all contributed to school life in their own unique way, faced challenges, developed academically, and grown into themselves.

Graduation ceremonies are our chance to show the students just how proud we are of them, and to send them off in style at the end of their career in compulsory school.


Graduation at IES Skellefteå

This year the first ever group of year nine students graduated from IES Skellefteå.  The school opened in 2019 with year groups F-8, and now educates students from grade F to grade 9.

Addressing the graduating class, acting principal Erika Markusson said: “Take with you what you have learned during your time here at IES Skellefteå and make the world a better place. If there is one group of people who could lead us into a better future, it’s this one.”

IES Borås (pictured above) celebrated its tenth anniversary this year and is no stranger to hosting graduations, even if they are slightly different during a pandemic.  The graduating students were addressed by the head of year nine, Christian Johansson (right), who told them: “You have worked hard and now it has paid off, well done. I sincerely wish you all the best and good luck with your adventure into higher education. Don't be strangers, please come back and visit us and share your adventure with us, you are always welcome here.”

The vast majority of year nine students throughout IES have managed to achieve grades which will open the doors of upper secondary education for them. Year on year a higher proportion of IES students are qualified to attend an upper secondary school.  Last year 97 per cent of those graduating year nine at an IES school were able to apply for a place at an upper secondary school, the national average was 86 per cent (Final grades for the 20/21 school year are still being compiled).

Congratulations to all students graduating from year nine, and to the guardians, parents and teachers who have helped them to succeed. We wish you every success in life and a great summer holiday.