Awards for students after essay and science contests

Awards for students after essay and science contests

Congratulations: winners and runners-up with Ms. and Dr. BergströmWinners, proud parents, teachers and principals made their way to the aula at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Täby for this year's Awards Ceremony.

For the fifth year in a row, awards in the form of diploma, honour and money were given to students having written extraordinary essays in the "Dr. Bergstrom Essay Competition", this year on the theme "Why English?"

New for the year was a special Science Award for Internationella Engelska Skolan's junior students, grades 4-6. This award is in the name of Ms. Barbara Bergström, herself with a background as a science teacher.

Ms. Bergström and her fellow jury-members were very impressed by the contributions and declared that this is an award to continue for coming years. Particularly so since Internationella Engelska Skolan is expanding junior schools.

Dr. Hans Bergström, founder and sponsor of the essay award, said: "The competition was started five years ago in order to promote writing and also with the conviction that students in their teens are able to tackle much bigger and more complicated subjects than what is normally given in Swedish schools. This belief has been fully confirmed by the contributions."

Dr. Bergstrom declared: "This year held a very high quality from the students participating."

The audience, on hand to celebrate each winner, heard about their successful essays and science projects as the prizes were awarded. Eskilstuna students contributed with a nice and skilful musical interlude.

Students who took part in the essay competition chose to take on the question in a number of different ways using history, etymology, personal experience, poetry and psychology. With so many disciplines to draw from, each essay presented a unique answer to the question.

Science projects submitted to the junior science award looked at subjects including aerodynamics, textiles, gravity, bird physiology, and even inventions to solve some of life's problems.

As well as hearing from both Ms. and Dr. Bergström, the crowd was also addressed by Mr. Roy Cross, British Council Director for the Nordics and Baltics, who gave his own views on English as a global language and recited poetry by Philip Larkin. Winners received diplomas out of the hand of Mr. Cross.

The jury for the science contest was made up of Ms Bergström, Mr Jan-Olov Johansson, founder of Swedish Science Radio, Mr. Damian Brunker, Head of Academics at IES, and Dr. Rachel Heimeier, a scientist who has worked at a number of prestigious institutions and who is Principal of the new Internationella Engelska Skolan school opening in Uppsala this August.

Dr. Bergström, Mr. Johansson, and Mr. Brunker were the jury for the essay contest.