97 Per Cent Of Students Qualified For Gymnasiet

97 Per Cent Of Students Qualified For Gymnasiet

(pictured, graduating students from IES Skärholmen, June 2018)

As they threw their blue caps into the air in celebration, 97 per cent of students graduating from grade nine at Internationella Engelska Skolan last academic year were qualified to take the next step into further education, compared to a national average figure of 84 per cent, according to figures released this week by Skolverket.

This means a total of 3 225 students graduated from grade nine at IES schools in June 2018 with the grades needed to continue their education at gymnasiet.

When it came to students with a non-Swedish background the figures also show that 94 per cent of those graduating IES schools were qualified for further education, significantly above the national figure of 69 per cent.  It is worth noting that 37 per cent of graduating grade 9 IES students in June had a non-Swedish background, compared to a national average of 25 per cent. 

Mr Damian Brunker, head of academics for IES, said: “I am pleased to see that such a large proportion of our students managed to achieve so much in our schools again last year.  Our schools work hard to help as many students as possible to reach gymnasiet, irrespective of their starting position when they join us. The safe and calm school atmosphere we provide, and the high proportion of qualified and excellent teachers, means we provide the ideal environment for students to be able to reach their full academic potential.

“The gap of three per cent, while smaller than elsewhere, gives us something to focus on for the future, as we strive to help each of our students have the best possibilities as they embark upon their adult life.”

Teachers at 35 IES schools throughout Sweden are educating students up to and including grade nine to make sure they too can reach their full academic potential and have best chance of continuing their education.