Living in Sweden

Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe and a truly beautiful place to live. It has 53 per cent forest cover, mountains in the north and west, and more than 80,000 rivers and lakes. With a population of almost 10 million people it has made its mark on the world in arenas as varied as medicine and research, culture and the arts, politics, sport and business.

Freedom of speech, equality, democracy and the power of the individual are key ideas in Swedish society. Sweden has a strong social welfare system, which provides excellent dental and health care, pension rights and family services – services that are open to all who live and work in Sweden. More than 90 per cent of all 16-year-olds study after compulsory education and a high percentage go to university. All of this helps Sweden hold one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

Paying taxes in Sweden is very straightforward: employers pay payroll tax on top of your salary every month, income tax (about 30 per cent) is deducted directly from your monthly salary, and value-added tax is included in the price of food, goods and services. It is easy to see where your tax money goes in Sweden.

UN social indicators and many other social studies have shown Sweden to be one of the most modern and healthy countries in the world and the OECD consistently ranks Sweden as one of the happiest places to live and work.The great outdoors offers unique opportunities for  those interested in skiing, canoeing, camping, hiking, rock-climbing or cycling. In the cities, there are  restaurants offering culinary experiences to suit every palate, both sublime and diverse.

What is the school system?

Education is free and parents have the right to choose the best school for their children. Our schools are bilingual and follow the Swedish curriculum.

The different stages of schooling are:

Nursery Compulsory School Upper Secondary
Förskola Lågstadiet Mellanstadiet Högstadiet Gymnasium
Age 1-6 Age 7-10
(Grades 1-3)
Age 10-13
(Grades 4-6)
Age 13-16
(Grades 7-9)
Age 16-19

What’s the cost of living?

Cost of living is highly variable depending on where in the country you live. As a rough guide, in a month you might expect to spend the following:

  • Accommodation: 4,000 – 8,000 kr (highly variable depending on type & location)
  • Food Shopping: 2,000 kr
  • Local Travel: 800 kr
  • Gym membership: 350 kr

Price of common items:

  • Milk (1 litre) 11 kr
  • Loaf of Bread 21 kr
  • Eggs (12) 27 kr
  • Beer (40cl) 60 kr
  • Coffee 34 kr
  • Cinema 125 kr
  • Food in Café 100 kr

Source: (May 2018)

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