Hand-Picked Teachers Will Create A First-Class School

Principal: Ms Sherry ZandPrincipal: Ms Sherry ZandA professional and committed team has been put in place for a new secondary school in Brandon, Suffolk, which will open its doors in September 2012.

Dynamic teachers with experience from a range of schools have been chosen to make sure local children receive the best education at International English Schools Breckland.

With the right teachers in place the management team is now working to design the curriculum, which will be innovative and international while at the same time meeting all UK standards.

Ms Sherry Zand, Principal of International English Schools Breckland said: ”People realise that the closure of Breckland Middle School was announced long before Sabres and International English Schools agreed to create a new school in Brandon. Without swift action there would have been no school at all.

“Now the building will house a brand new school with a fresh way of doing things.  We are fully committed to providing children from the local community with a first-class education.

“The organisation’s core beliefs include helping every child to reach their potential, while leaving none of them behind.  We have a professional teacher commitment and believe in using tough-love to create a safe, calm environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.”

While working to create this new school Ms Zand has had support from Principals who already run schools on the same model in Sweden.  The organisation has twenty years experience of creating the right environment to provide children with the best education. Principals from 19 schools teaching more than 13,000 students have been on hand with support, help and advice.

Ms Zand said: “Speaking to my colleagues who run our other schools it became very clear very quickly how important it is to hand-pick the right people, and to make sure they have the right resources and curriculum.

“The safe calm environment that we talk about, which allows students to concentrate on learning and teachers to concentrate on teaching, can only be created by selecting staff who understand these beliefs and are fully committed to making them a reality in Brandon.

“I’m delighted to say that the team we have is fantastic.  Of course all of them are fully qualified UK teachers, and their enthusiasm and commitment is infectious.

“Many of them are very familiar with the area and come from schools nearby.  They also have considerable experience of teaching at Key Stages three to five, which will be absolutely invaluable.

“The management team is now working on a curriculum which will give these teachers the perfect platform to use their considerable skills.

“The school has already attracted considerable local support and we are delighted with the response from the community in Brandon itself and in the wider area, including the local USAF base. I am greatly looking forward to welcoming the first students in September.”

Funding has been approved for a full refurbishment of the school as well as providing new furniture and fittings and brand new computer equipment.

Work throughout the summer will ensure a dramatic positive transformation before the new school opens.

An event on Tuesday, 15 May at Brandon Leisure Centre from 4pm to 7pm will give people from throughout the community the chance to meet the management team of the new school and see the new uniform.